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Alessandro Perilli

London, United Kingdom
- Expert-in-the-making in human body augmentation through AI, AR, bionic prosthetics, biohacking, genetic engineering, nanorobotics, and wearables (https://h.plus)

- Senior leader in top open source company, charting strategy for enterprise management, hybrid cloud computing, security automation, and artificial intelligence (Red Hat)

- Former global analyst leading research for private cloud computing (Gartner)

- Pioneer in the virtualization industry as FG2000 advisor and raconteur (virtualization.info)

- IT Security book author (Arnoldo Mondadori)

- Creator of one of the first ethical hacking training in Europe (Mondadori Education)

- Long-term supporter and mentor for US and EMEA startups

- Keynote speaker for 18 years in a row

- Passionate explorer of art, design, user experiences, and their intersection through technology (Tate)