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Secure Code Warrior

We know the pain of Dev vs SecuritySecure Code Warrior was founded by three experienced technology experts – a researcher, a cyber security expert and a security training executive – who all experienced intimately the negative impact of insecure code. They witnessed the lack of understanding of security within development communities and how development practices were stacked against security.
They had three very different perspectives about software security, but all recognised the same truth: improving secure coding skills and outcomes would add a powerful layer of cyber protection for companies and would help them make better, faster code. Developers didn’t need to become security experts, but they could be empowered positively to be the first line of defence for their organisation.
An innnovative approach to secure codingThe team pioneered an innovative approach to improving secure coding skills and outcomes that is simple, scalable and positive, for both development and security teams. The team is driven by the knowledge that measurable improvements in security compliance, consistency and predictability will be matched by a better quality and speed of code writing. And that everyone will enjoy spending more time building and less time fixing!